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Chronological History of Lake Toxaway
1982 - Today
When the dam was rebuilt and Lake Toxaway restored in 1960, four homes
remained that had been on the Lake in 1916 -- Mr. Jennings home, the Inman
home, the Fogg home and Lucy Moltz's home. Everything else in Lake Toxaway
Estates has been created by the Heinitsh family since 1960.
Plemmons, Ticket to Toxaway
November 22, 2001 - The Transylvania Times featured the Miss Lucy in an
article “Greystone Inn Lodge’s Boat Named for Mansion’s Former Owner”
“The mahogany launch is propelled by a 3 ½ horsepowered electric motor
that runs for about four houses off a bank of eight batteries. The electric
engines are environmentally correct and the engine is almost silent.” “Miss
Lucy is designed to function well in summer and winter. Half of the roof and
all 26 of the glass windows enclosing the craft are removed int he summers
months, and as winter arrives they are replaced and a heater keeps the
guests comfortable.”
July 15, 1985 -  The Greystone Inn was officially opened on July 15, 1985.
In fact, it wasn’t ready and opening needed to be delayed. Yet, one lady
who was determined to be the first guest had her reservation for two months,
and when told of the delay, she said , “I’m coming, ready or not.” And she
did. The Inn accommodated her even though much of the building remained
1982 - “In 1982 Reginald Heinitsh, Sr. retired and his son, Reginald, Jr.,
took over the Lake Toxaway Company. Reg Jr. was a career banker with
fifteen years experience in resort financing.. He had spent his summers
working at Toxaway during the 1960s and had a strong attachment to the
April 4, 2014 - The Greystone Inn opened under the management of
Natural Retreats. This UK company also assumed the management of the
vacation home rental program and the Lake Toxaway marina.
Interview with Clark Lovelace
Transylvania Times 11/22/2001