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Chronological History of Lake Toxaway
1982 - Today
When the dam was rebuilt and Lake Toxaway restored in 1960, four homes remained that had been on the Lake in
1916 -- Mr. Jennings home, the Inman home, the Fogg home and Lucy Moltz's home. Everything else in Lake
Toxaway Estates has been created by the Heinitsh family since 1960.
1982 - “Hawk Mountain opened in 1982. It is the lowest elevation of the four
mountain ranges in Lake Toxaway.)
(Plemmons, Jan C., Ticket to Toxaway, pg 174)
August 9, 1982 - Moltz Mansion May Be Razed...
(Transylvania Times, 08/09/1982, pg 00)
1982 - “In 1982 Reginald Heinitsh, Sr. retired and his son, Reginald, Jr., took over
the Lake Toxaway Company. Reg Jr. was a career banker with fifteen years
experience in resort financing.. He had spent his summers working at Toxaway
(Plemmons, Jan C., Ticket to Toxaway, pg 00)
1983 - Lakeside Mountain lots are approximately 3,600 feet above sea level and
they average 2.5 acres each. It opened in the early 1980s.”
(Plemmons, Jan C., Ticket to Toxaway, pg 174)
Sept 1983 - Around the end of 1983 or beginning of 1984 Reg had bought back
the building. He was playing in a tennis round-robin in Brevard and met up with Tim
Lovelace, a semi-retired former financial planner  with Merrill Lynch in Chevy
Chase MD. Originally from NY, but now he’d moved to Brevard.

Reg invited him up. Didn’t say why. They got out on the water and Reg pointed up
to the Moltz Mansion and said “wouldn’t that old building make a great inn?” Tim
asked, “Are you thinking about starting one?” Reg: “Actually, Tim, I was hoping
you would.”  Within a week, a partnership was formed to transform the Moltz
Mansion into the Greystone Inn.
Oct 1983 - The first step was to get the home onto the National Registry of
Historic Places. Then the renovation began. It took a year.…It was in bad shape –
dead critters, broken windows, crown molding hanging from the ceiling.
December, 1984 - Tim and Boo Boo Lovelace had now purchased the Moltz
Mansion but it was in terrible shape. (details) Ticket to Toxaway tells what
happened next: “The remodeling began in December, 1984 and the renovations took
approximately seven months. The floorplan of the six level mansion changed very
little. The huge attic was converted to guest rooms and a big room under the library
that was once used as a canning kitchen was converted into a spacious bedroom.
The old wood stove was cleaned and left intact, adding charm and ambiance to the
July 15, 1985 -  The Greystone Inn was officially opened on July 15, 1985. In
fact, it wasn’t ready and opening needed to be delayed. Yet, one lady who
was determined to be the first guest had her reservation for two months, and
when told of the delay, she said , “I’m coming, ready or not.” And she did. The
Inn accommodated her even though much of the building remained unfinished.
1987 - “In 1986-87 a new Lake Toxaway Country Club was built. The two
adjoining building house the restaurant and the golf pro shop. This serves as the hub
for all the country club activities.”
(Plemmons, Jan C., Ticket to Toxaway, pg 1)
June 2, 1988 - In 1988 the six of the seven cottages were sold and replaced
with a new lakeside complex, “Hillmont.” Hillmont was built in a style to
complement Greystone.  It opened June 2, 1988.
(Plemmons, Jan C., Ticket to Toxaway, pg 169) (edit and expand)
1990 - In 1990 the Lakeside Dining Room and kitchen was added exclusively for
the Greystone and Hillmont Guests. It was built in the same style as the Moltz
Mansion. The new spacious dining facility allowed every guest to enjoy a view of
the lake while dining.
1993 - Panther Ridge opened in 1993 and is the second highest of the four
mountain ranges at 3.725 feet elevation. Looking from this range one gets a full
view of Lake Toxaway.
(find Gil Stose pics taken from the top of Panthertail. Explain
Panther Summit and Peregrine Ridge)
1998 - Tim Lovelace moved to the lake , brought his personal wooden boat. It
was a Hacker. Two main makers of wooden boats in the US,  Hacker and Criss
Craft. Chris Craft uses more of an assembly line approach and Hacker Craft
produces hand made boats. Located in upstate NY, Lake George.When Tim set out
to have someone custom build a wooden boat, he turned to Hacker Craft. Tim sent
a postcard taken at the Inn of boats on Lake Toxaway and sent that to Hacker.  
They deisgned a wooden boat that wasn’t a replica of the boats in the postcard, but
inspired by them.  Thrre are some differenences…the boats from the turn-of-the-
century were steam powered, where the Miss Lucy is powered by a 3.5 hsp motor.
She was first launched in 1999.
(Notes from lunch with Clark Lovelace)
2000 - Meadow Ridge opened around this time. From Ticket, pg 174 -- “Part of
the Meadow Ridge property was originally sold by Reginald Heinitsh, Sr and was
bought back by Lake Toxaway Company. The 500-acre tract has been carefully
planned wiht only 50 homesites and 40 acres set aside as a planned conservation
areal The Meadow Ridge Recreation area is a common area that all Lake Toxaway
property owners can share and enjoy.”
November 22, 2001 - The Transylvania Times featured the Miss Lucy in an
article “Greystone Inn Lodge’s Boat Named for Mansion’s Former Owner”
“The mahogany launch is propelled by a 3 ½ horsepowered electric motor that
runs for about four houses off a bank of eight batteries. The electric engines are
environmentally correct and the engine is almost silent.” “Miss Lucy is designed
to function well in summer and winter. Half of the roof and all 26 of the glass
windows enclosing the craft are removed int he summers months, and as winter
arrives they are replaced and a heater keeps the guests comfortable.”
(Transylvania Times)
the lake, the dam, the roads, the common areas to the Lake Toxaway Property
Owners Association.
January 1, 2004 - With the lake and other common areas now owned by the
Lake Toxaway Property Owners Association and the bulk of the developed
property sold, the Lake Toxaway Company now had a new mission. According to
Reg Jr, as reported in Ticket to Toxaway, “The Lake Toxaway Company has
evolved from a development company to a brokerage and management company.
After 42 years the Lake Toxaway Company has turned the resonsbility of the
community management over to the Property Owners Association.. The Lake
Toxaway Company will now focus on real estate brokerage, vacation home rentals
and management of the Country Club and the Greystone Inn.
(year) - With the need for land planning and property development over, Brien
Peterkin and Thomas Bates left the company. The went to Lonesome Valley where
they brought the same skill of development management to that historic parcel of
land that they brought to the 5,000 acres of Lake Toxaway Estates -- creating a
community founded on preserving the history, enhancing the natural beauty and
respecting the environment.
March 18, 2011 - Greystone Sales Office Burns. Lake Toxaway Company
demolished the Greystone Sales Office a few years ago in a controlled burn.
Originally called “Rose Cottage,” the building was first used by Miss Lucy Moltz to
house workers during the depression. Later, it was used by Lake Toxaway
Company for staff and prospect housing before becoming the Greystone Sales