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Chronological History of Lake Toxaway 1960 - 1981
In 1960 Reg Heinitsh, Sr. from Columbia, South Carolina, came to the area and
decided to give the area a new life. He formed the Lake Toxaway Company and
bought 9,000 acres at an average cost of $50 per acre.  Mr. Heinitsh cleared the
entire area where the lake had once existed. He then rebuilt the dam and
restored the lake to its original level of 3,010 feet above sea level. This started
the modern era of the development.
Chronological History of Lake Toxaway
1960 - 1981
June 3, 1960 - “Toxaway Acreage Sold, Lake May Be Restored” Asheville
Citizen Times
July 29, 1960 - Lake Toxaway Estates, Inc. was formed with R. D. Heinitsh
as President and D. W. Boyd as Secretary
January 19, 1961 - The Asheville Citizen Times reported on the progress
of the rebuilding of the new dam in an article “New Lake Toxaway Taking
Shape.” “Construction is moving rapidly on a new dam built with modern
engineering techniques for Lake Toxaway Estates, Inc. It will replace the original
dam whose break in 1916 erased the resort from vacations maps”

The article went on to report that the dam would rise 60 feet above the lake bed
at the water depth would be 50 feet. The lake bed had totally grown up since the
dam broke in 1916 and was about half cleared. A local fire warden was
supervising the burning of the brush.
July 25, 1965 - The Transylvania Times ran an article in which Lucy Moltz
is famously quoted as saying “I’ve been around the world twice, and I’ve found
there’s no place more beautiful than the Sapphire Country, Transylvania County
in particularly.” “The climate is perfect here, lots of variety. I especially like  the
winter here, lots of variety. Two winters ago we had snow on the lake after it
was frozen over,” she said.
Asheville Citizen Times 6/3/1960
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