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In 1960 Reg Heinitsh, Sr. from Columbia, South Carolina, came to the area and
decided to give the area a new life. He formed the Lake Toxaway Company and
bought 9,000 acres at an average cost of $50 per acre.  Mr. Heinitsh cleared the
entire area where the lake had once existed. He then rebuilt the dam and
restored the lake to its original level of 3,010 feet above sea level. This started
the modern era of the development.
June 3, 1960 - “Toxaway Acreage Sold, Lake May Be Restored” Asheville
Citizen Times
(Plemmons, Jan C., Ticket to Toxaway, pg 143)
July 29, 1960 - Lake Toxaway Estates, Inc. was formed with R. D. Heinitsh as
President and D. W. Boyd as Secretary
(Plemmons, Jan C., Treasures of Toxaway, pg 33)
August 14, 1960 - “Two Million Dollars To Be Spent On Development, Lake
Toxaway” New dam will be built, other improvements.
(Transylvania Times, 8/14/1960)
January 19, 1961 - The Asheville Citizen Times reported on the progress of the
rebuilding of the new dam in an article “New Lake Toxaway Taking Shape.”
“Construction is moving rapidly on a new dam built with modern engineering
techniques for Lake Toxaway Estates, Inc. It will replace the original dam whose
break in 1916 erased the resort from vacations maps”

The article went on to report that the dam would rise 60 feet above the lake bed
at the water depth would be 50 feet. The lake bed had totally grown up since the
dam broke in 1916 and was about half cleared. A local fire warden was
supervising the burning of the brush.
(Plemmons, Jan C., Treasures of Toxaway, pg 36)
March 15, 1961 - The new dam was completed the lake began to refill for
the first time since the old dam broke in 1916, erasing the resort from vacation
maps. After trees and vegetation had been removed from the overgrown lake
bed, worker sliced off the top of a mountain and moved specially selected clay
material to for the 350-foot thick dam’s base In this photo from “Treasures of
Toxaway,” J. B. Whitmire and Howard Galloway are closing the valve to begin
filling the lake.
March 25, 1961 - Rex Humphries discovers an old steamboat while
working on developing the lake bed.
(Transylvania Times, 1961)
December 17, 1961 - Asheville Citizen Times reported “A completely new
dam, constructed by modern engineering methods, was finished last spring.
Waters of the Toxaway River and other streams filled the new Lake Toxaway
during the summer.”
(Asheville Citizen Times, 12/17/1961)
September 24,1961 - The New Toxaway House Restaurant opened in
1961 in the building that is now the offices of Lake Toxaway
(Transylvania Times, 9/24/1961)
October 26, 1961 - Thursday, Oct 26, 1961, Jim Renegar, became the first
employee of the NC Wildlife Resources Commission’s to take a cruise Lake
Toxaway since its restoration, and the restored lake was officially ready for
boaters and fishers. . Jim Renegar said, “Pretty, isn’t it?” and that it means “just
another lake to check in the future.”
(Plemmons, Jan C., Treasures of Toxaway, pg 148)
December 17, 1961 - The condominiums now known as Toxaway Villas
started out as a motor inn. The announcement that the inn was to be built was
made in an article in the Asheville Citizen Times. “Motor Inn to be Built Soon at
Lake Toxaway” lead off with “Construction of a 20-unit motor inn at Lake
Toxaway in western North Carolina will begin immediately according to L. C.
Merchant Construction Co. of Asheville, which had been awarded the building
contract...Award of the contract was made by  D. H. Crosby of Lake Toxaway
and Boca Raton, Fla., the previous owner of the 9,000 acre Lake Toxaway
Estates property.”
(Plemmons, Jan C., Treasures of Toxaway, pg 150)  and
(Plemmons, Jan C., Ticket to Toxaway, pg  38)
May, 1963 - “In 1963, Lucy Moltz, widowed for two years and approaching
80. sold her cherished Hillmont Estate to the Lake Toxaway Company for the
sum of $100,000. The main house, now commonly referred to as the Moltz
Mansion even though Lucy was an Armstrong when she built it, was turned into
a clubhouse and dining facility for the golf course.”
(Plemmons, Jan C., Ticket to Toxaway, pg 159)
May 1963 - After selling the Moltz Mansion to Lake Toxaway Company for
use as a clubhouse, Mrs. Moltz moved to a sprawling one-story house on the
1913. It was beautifully landscaped like the clubhouse, with a rolling lawn and
colorful flowers everywhere. Robin Hill was torn down in the early 1970s and
the Toxaway Shores townhomes built on the site.
(Transylvania Times, 7/29/1965) and (Plemmons, Jan C.,
Ticket to Toxaway, pg 160)
1963 - In 1963, Mr. Heinitsh built the golf course and the Toxaway Country
Club was formed.
(Greystone Inn employee manual, pg 95)
May 9, 1965 - “Golf Course at Toxaway is a Beauty” announced an article in
the Asheville Citizen Times on May 9, 1965. “Reginald Heinitsh, a farsighted man
who is making a beautiful and miraculous dream come true...endlessly treks
around the front nine of what will be one of this nation’s most taxing and
spectacular 18-hole golf courses upon completion.”
(Transylvania Times, 1965)
May 30, 1965 - The building that had served as Lucy Moltz’s stable was
converted to the Lake Toxaway Country Club Pro Shop.
(Plemmons, Jan C., Treasures of Toxaway, pg 39, 160)
July 25, 1965 - The Transylvania Times ran an article in which Lucy Moltz
is famously quoted as saying “I’ve been around the world twice, and I’ve found
there’s no place more beautiful than the Sapphire Country, Transylvania County
in particularly.” “The climate is perfect here, lots of variety. I especially like  the
winter here, lots of variety. Two winters ago we had snow on the lake after it
was frozen over,” she said.
(Transylvania Times, 1965)
September 24, 1970 - On September 24, 1970, Lucy Moltz died. She is
buried in Savannah, Georgia, beside her first husband George Armstrong.
1976 - The Moltz Mansion was sold by the Lake Toxaway Company in the
winter of 1976 to Mr. Peter Battista for approximately $260,000 and he
continued to manage it as a clubhouse” according to Ticket to Toxaway.
1980s - “In the 1980s the Lake Toxaway Company expanded to offer views of
mountain vistas. Under the guidance of Reg Jr, a new concept for development
was created; he wanted to allow people to  own property with fabulous views
while preserving nature. the Toxaway Company started developing mountain
(Plemmons, Jan C., Ticket to Toxaway, pg 173-174)
Chronological History of Lake Toxaway
1960 - 1981
Chronological History of Lake Toxaway 1960 - 1981