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Chronological History of Lake Toxaway
1917 - 1959

For the years between the dam breaking in 1916 and being rebuilt in 1960, the
area was not the bustling resort town of the early teens, but it was  hardly
sleepy. There was a robust logging industry. Attempts to rebuild the lake.
...then finally tearing down the Toxaway Inn.
August 17, 1916 - A day after the dam broke there was already speculation
that the dam would be rebuilt. From the Asheville Citizen Times: “Big Toaway
Dam To Be Rebuilt Is Belief” -- “While as yet nothing definite has been
announced in regard to the rebuilding of the dam at Lake Toxaway, which
washed away Sunday night. It is the general belief in Brevard is that the beautiful
Lake Toxaway will be restored….Reports reaching Brevard from points in South
Carolina clearly indicated that there will be serious opposition to the rebuilding of
any sort of a lake by the people of the section affected by the flood last Sunday,
and no doubt any project looking to the restoration of the lake will have to be
fought out through the courts.”
Asheville Citizen Times 4/17/1927
April 17. 1947 -"Razing of Toxaway Inn Starts In Transylvania"  Old
Toxaway Inn, the most spacious summer resort in western North Carolina
for 13 years after the turn of the century, but a ghost structure since the flood
the old settlers up in the Sapphire country of Transylvania are daily viewing
the dismantling of the 490 room building with tears in their hearts.
June 17, 1926 - “Lake Toxaway Tract Bought For $1.5 Million”
“Asheville Purchasers to Restore Famous Resort and Dam at Once" The
purchase of 6,000 acres in the heart of the Jennings estate in Transylvania
County, including the site of the once famous Lake Toxaway, by a group of
Asheville men who guarantee to rebuild the dam destroyed by flood in
1916...was announced last night.