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Chronological History of Lake Toxaway
1917 - 1959

For the years between the dam breaking in 1916 and being rebuilt in 1960, the
area was not the bustling resort town of the early teens, but it was  hardly
sleepy. There was a robust logging industry. Attempts to rebuild the lake.
...then finally tearing down the Toxaway Inn.
(Ferrari, Robert, A Grand Lady of Lake Toxaway and Savannah)
May 21, 1920 - “The Famous Lake Toxaway is to be
Rebuilt”  Brevard News.
(Plemmons, Jan C., Ticket to Toxaway, pg 128)
October 8, 1920 (verify year) - “Engineer Gives His Idea of
Toxaway Dam”  Brevard News.
(Plemmons, Jan C., Ticket to Toxaway, pg 131)
1922 - “In 1922 the Jennings estate divided up some of the Toxaway
property into small estates but withdrew them from the market after a few of
them had sold.”
(source uncertain)  (in notes 10/8/1920??)
February 24, 1924 - George Armstrong died at the age of 55 after a
long illness. Soon after his death, wife Lucy and their daughter, also named
Lucy after her mother, made Lake Toxaway their full time home.
(Ferrari, Robert, A Grand Lady of Lake Toxaway and Savannah, pg 04) edit)
June 17, 1926 - “Lake Toxaway Tract Bought For $1.5 Million”
“Asheville Purchasers to Restore Famous Resort and Dam at Once" The
purchase of 6,000 acres in the heart of the Jennings estate in Transylvania
County, including the site of the once famous Lake Toxaway, by a group
of Asheville men who guarantee to rebuild the dam destroyed by flood in
1916...was announced last night.
Asheville Citizen Times 06/17/1926,
1930 - Lucy Armstrong married Carl Moltz, who had moved to the area
from Pennsylvania and founded Moltz Lumber Company in 1917, the year
after the dam broke. According to Ferrari, ”Years later she admitted to some
friends that Carl Moltz first came to Hillmont to call on her daughter. Lucy
informed him that he was too old for her daughter but if he wished to he could
call on her mother.“ He was ten years younger than Lucy, but he did call on
her and later asked for her hand in marriage.
(Ferrari, Robert, A Grand Lady of Lake Toxaway and Savannah)
January 17,1947 - “Old Toxaway Inn Building Is Sold. Structure To Be
Razed Within A Year By Knoxville Man.”
(Asheville Citizen Times 01/17/1947, pg 00)
(Asheville Citizen Times 04/27/1947)
August 17, 1916 - A day after the dam broke there was already
April 17. 1947 -"Razing of Toxaway Inn Starts In Transylvania"  Old