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1904 - 1915
The years leading up to 1916 were pivotal in Transylvania history. During this
period the railway began passenger service to the area, the science of forestry
was born and the area prospered as a resort destination. Lucy Armstrong came
to the area with her husband George and fell in love with it. It ended when the
flood of 1916 destroyed Toxaway dam, draining Lake Toxaway which halted
resort development in the area for years to come.
Phillips and Thompson, Transylvania, Architectural History of a Mountain Community, pg 31
August 1906 - “Toxaway Inn,” from the Editor, Sylvan Valley News.
“Toxaway Inn is the scene of much activity this week, many people are here
and all are out for a good time. These beautiful days invite one to participate
in the out of doors sports, such as riding, driving, boating, bathing, tennis and
fishing. One enterprising couple indulged in a walk around Lake Toxaway –
fifteen good long miles – no road, no trail even, but they returned with
glowing accounts of a day well spent and a walk worthwhile.”
Sylvan Valley News,