August 3, 1903 - The hotel that was built by Hayes and partners was very
modern for the day. It had elevators, steam heat, telephone and Western
Union service and more. A hydraulic generating plant was built below the
dam to provide electricity for the Inn. Each room was tastefully and
beautifully designed in native woods such as oak, chestnut, walnut and
cherry. It was reported that more than 40 species of woods were used, all
having been cut from the Toxaway property.
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A Chronological History of Lake Toxaway
"On the shore of the lake is a magnificent hotel, large enough to entertain 500
guests, built under the personal supervision of one of Pittsburgh’s most eminent
architects. The hotel is to be finished this season and is modern in every respect
-- electric lights, steam heat, four large stairways, two elevators, and every room
is an outside room with a fine view of the lake."
(Sylvan Valley News, “A Visit To Lake Toxaway” 5/8/1903
August 2, 1903 - From an article in the Sylvan Valley News, “A Visit to
Lake Toxaway.” “You arrive at the Toxaway Station after a pleasant and
comfortable trip over a fine roadbed through the beautiful valley of the
French Broad and alight at the above named station....You make a turn in
the road and Lake Toxaway bursts into view; you behold a panorama
unequalled in America. You see before you a lake, crystal clear, having a
circumference of over 15 miles with low, rolling shores, sand covered
beaches and primal forest extending to its very edge. To one who does
know the lake appears natural and as old as the surrounding hills--the dam is
inconspicuous. You here find a large body of water 3060 [sic] feet above
sea level, covering hundreds of acres of land, teeming with game fish and
surrounded by the grandest scenery imaginable.”
Sylvan Valley News, 5/8/1903
Plemmons, Jan C, Treasures of Toxaway, pg 16