"The Toxaway Company owns several thousand acres of land in southwestern
North Carolina and, besides other enterprises, operates several summer hotels.
In 1902 the company found that the hotels at Brevard, Sapphire and Fairfield
were not able to take care of the summer tourists and it was decided to build a
new hotel on the shore of a new lake to be called Lake Toxaway."
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A Chronological History of Lake Toxaway
1890s - 1902
"The Toxaway Dam" - University of Colorado. Journal of Engineering, 1905
1890s - In the late 1800s many thought that western North Carolina
was ripe for developing. One of these was J. Frances Hayes of
Newcastle, Pennsylvania, who came to Transylvania County for health
reasons and because he saw the potential for the area. Hayes and E. H.
Jennings were responsible for  the Fairfield Inn, the Sapphire Inn, the
(Plemmons, Treasures of Toxaway, Pg 1,5.)

1895 - Joseph Silversteen came to the area about 1895. He established
the Toxaway Tanning Company in Rosman in 1901.