Hiking Schedule
June 2013
  • Hikes are Friday mornings unless otherwise noted.
  • Meet at Amore Cafe and Coffee Shop at 8:45 am. (Park in front of the Citco station).  
    Leave at 9 am. Usually back by lunch (or just after lunch if we pack one).
  • Bring water and sunscreen. Wear appropriate footwear (Hiking boots strongly
  • Please let me know if you plan to come. (Not required, just helpful). Email:
    tony@ToxawayTony.com or Phone or text: 828-421-7895
  • Please be aware you are hiking at your own risk. The hike leaders, the Lake Toxaway
    Company and the LTCA are not responsible for accident or illness.
  • Hike leader may change or cancel hike at any time for any reason. Check back often for
    changes, especially if the weather is questionable.
Copyright 2013 by Tony Austin
Meet at Amore Cafe Friday mornings, 8:45 am