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Whiteside Mountain,
with a spur trail to
Devil's Courthouse
This easy trail makes a nice
afternoon outing. A more
challenging spur trail to the Devil's
Courthouse offers one of the most
dramatic views in the area.
Difficulty (1-5):
Distance (round trip):
Elevation change:
Travel Time:
Driving Time:
2 for the main trail, 4 including the spur trail
3 miles main trail, 4 miles with the spur
400 feet main trail, 525 ft spur
1.5 hours for the main trail, 2.5 hours with the spur
1.5 hours (45 min each way)
From the main gate at lake Toxaway, turn right
toward Cashiers. Follow Hwy 64 through
Cashiers for 0.0 miles. Just after the big view,
turn left into Wildcat Cliffs Country Club. Proceed
1 mile to the parking area. There is a $2 charge
to park, exact change required.

Whiteside Mountain Trail

Head up the trail. Wide logging road. One mile to
the top. Clearing. If you are going to take the
spur trail to the Devil's Courthouse, do that here.
See below. If you are going to continue on the
main trail, turn right. Go to the viewing platform.
Then take the higher trail. Series of rock
outcroppings. Great for a picnic. Continue on,
eventually the trail takes you into the woods.
Follow the trail until it rejoins the logging road not
too far from the parking lot.

Spur trail to the Devil's Courthouse

If you are going to take th spur trail to the
Devils's Courthouse, at the clearing at the top,
look for a trail to the left. Not marked. Down and
to the left.

Meanders through a rhododendron forest. Near
the start, stay left and higher. If you are unsure
of whether to go straight or to the left and up, go
left. Many switchbacks as you descent to a
saddle between Whiteside and the DC. Go
straight through the saddle and on the other side
begin to climb up to the DC. Follow this trail all
the way to the end. There is one spot before
where sometime people stop, thinking they have
arrived. You'll know when you arrive. If you aren't
sure, you aren't there.
Devil's Courthouse June 2006
Devil's Courthouse June 2005
Copyright 2010 by Tony Austin
Whiteside Mountain June 2006
Whiteside Mountain from Chimney Top 2007
Devil's Courthouse 2007
Whiteside Mountain 2007