Toxaway River Trail
to Fisher Falls
This riverside trail is perfect for a
short outing. It's only open to
Lake Toxaway Estates property
owners, so you're likely to meet
some friends along the way
1.25 miles
1 hour
Difficulty (1-5):
Distance (round
trip):Trail time:
This trail follows low land along the river and is
therefore often cool. Put an extra layer in your pack.
And wear high boots to keep your feet dry during the
crossings. A hiking stick may help your balance as you
pick your way across the rocks. If the rains have been
heavy recently, the water may be too high to cross
without taking off your shoes and rolling up your

If you've got time on your hands, bring a book and
spend the afternoon at one of the many sitting spots
alongside the river.

To get there, turn onto Cardinal Drive from Fairway
Drive. The turn is marked with a sign pointing the way to
the Toxaway River Trail. Just after a bridge, look for a
wide space by the road to park.

The loop to Fisher Falls is marked with blue triangles. It
follows the river upstream before turning inward and
looping back around.

You'll cross the river several times. At the wooden
steps, look into the pond. You can usually spot a few
trout swimming there.

Continue upstream. At times the yellow blazes are hard
to find. Just keep looking.

Pause for a while and enjoy Fisher Falls. Then,
continue the trail up a short, steep ascent. At the
signpost, turn right and follow the return trail through
the woods back to Cardinal Drive.

(Turning left at the signpost will take you to the upper
waterfall, Raven Rock Falls. For trail info, visit the trail
guide for Toxaway River Trail to
Raven Rock Falls.)
At Fisher Falls, 2006
Toxaway River 2005