Rough Run Falls
Beginning at the gate at the head of an old
logging road, follow the road for about ⅓ mile
(about 5 minutes). At a gap, the road descends
to the right and a trail bears off to the left with a
slight incline. Take the trail to the left.

Follow this for for about 30 minutes. You’ll see a
trail that goes off to the right -- take that -- it’s
only about 30 feet to a stream, and looking
across you see a huge waterfall named High
Falls. You can cross the creek and there are
steps that lead to the base of the waterfall where
you have a great close-up view of it.

Come back to the main trail and continue on for
another 10 minutes. Many downed trees...go
over them, or in some cases a trail has been
established to go around the larger ones.

You’ll arrive at rocky area. There you’ll see
some big boulders, bigger than a person. Go
over and around them.  Whenever the rocks are
wet, they are very slippery.  Take great care to
walk only on the dry spots. When climbing
around the boulders, find a way to hold on.

But it’s worth it. When you arrive at the waterfall
-- Rough Run Falls --it’s incredibly dramatic.
Pause to look. This is a great spot for a picnic.

Go back the way you came.
Copyright 2013 by Tony Austin
This easy hike offers
two huge waterfalls
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