Courthouse Falls and the Summy Cove Trail
After parking by the side of the road (see directions below) cross the road to the trailhead by a
"Summy Cove Trail" marker.  The trail bears off to the right and begins to ascend. It's fairly
steep at this point but once you're over the ridge it's easy the rest of the way. Follow the blue
blazes up over Big Fork Ridge; when it intersects another trail turn right, continuing to follow the
blue blazes.

After about half hour you'll hear the water on the right. Continue along the narrow trail.
Eventually you'll see a log in the trail that points to the right (see photo below) and this points to
the side trail that takes you to Courthouse Falls. Follow this trail down and you"ll come to the
base of the falls and a swimming hole.  

Back at trail, continue along in the same direction as before and in about five minutes you'll
reach the car left according to the directions below.  If you didn't  leave a car, turn right on the
gravel road and follow it for about 3 miles to SR 215, the turn right and continue for another
mile to your car.
Copyright 2010 by Tony Austin
This waterfall is very near the
headwaters of the North Fork
of the French Broad River
Difficulty (1-5):
Distance (loop):
Distance (shuttle):
Elevation change:
Trail time (shuttle):
Driving time:
7 mi approx
3 mi approx
1.5 Hours
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This log points to the trail down to the falls